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  2. Brent will be lower soon. Lot of sell volumes on the market. So...
  3. All bitcoin volumes are when it goes down. So...
  4. Brent. If we assume there is a larger decline, now we may be in [a] of Y. Recent growth then may be c of flat in (ii).
  5. The CME futures already have an overlap. So now we're probably waiting for the fifth wave to complete.
  6. Possible wave count of the current situation
  7. my version of current correction in EURUSD. Triangle might be converted to ABC (flat) if todays correction crosses yesterdays high of W and we might expect it was wave 4 of diagonal
  8. There's a diagonal in EURUSD, but if we count the current decline as a finished impulse, it looks disproportionate (waves ((iii)) and ((iv)), diagonal in ((v)) comparing with ((i))). That's why I'm keeping an eye on the bearish alternate:
  9. Hey! English only, please (see our rules on the main page)
  10. Все движение, сверху вниз вижу как серию первых/вторых. И только с (4), (у Вас) пошла третья.
  11. Hello, Ignat! Could I post another forex pairs count in this topic?
  12. Wave ((ii)) ended up as an ugly double zigzag.
  13. It seems like a wave iii advance has just begun.
  14. Ignat

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